Join the slow fashion movement! The Maker Journal is an online platform for discussion, news, stories, and information on everything related to slow fashion. The Maker contributor system will follow the practices of any magazine, except it happens predominantly on our platform. The steps for contributing a story for The Maker Journal are the following;

1. Pitching an idea by submitting a title and a short paragraph description onto the form below.

2. The idea will be reviewed by an editor, and if it is accepted you will be given the go ahead to write the piece.

3. While you write the article, we will interview you if you would like to create a contributor profile. We will then send you a link to your account.

4. If the idea is not accepted, the editor will let you know what is missing/required from the story.

5. You will then revert back with the draft and upload it onto a template along with images and or video. If you require images from The Maker office, you may request for it. An editor may edit the layout if need be.

6. An editor will look it over and correct grammar mistakes if any, and publish it.

By submitting a draft you are giving The Maker permission to publish your article. This piece will be linked to your contributor profile, and will be available on The Maker Journal through category search, your profile and at the front of the website when it is first published.

As a regular contributor you may be asked to write a piece on a particular event or maker suggested by the editors. You may also request to write a piece for The Maker Journal from the list of pending ideas, updated by the editors.

The Maker Journal cannot reimburse its writers for their written stories and content, but there will be a recognition system set up to rank our contributors for their expertise in certain topics and amount of stories written. This means becoming an expert in a specific category and writing frequently, more users will find your stories easily, and you are helping The Maker to become an informative resource for slow fashion.

The key principles that The Maker Journal will abide by are;

transparency: supply chain from seed to garment

local production

local sourcing

making by hand

making in small batches

using zero waste principles

making from reclaimed materials

using sustainable textiles

fair trade work with high-skill artisans

The story can be anything from a news piece, to a longer feature or an interview, as long as it abides by transparency and any of the other values stated above. If this sparked your interest and you would like to write a piece, you can submit below.